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IRSC Global Faculty

Your Success is our Number One Priority

Everyone who works at Indian River State College has one goal—student success. Providing high-quality education, delivered by top scholars is one way to support this goal. IRSC Global students experience an engaging, challenging, and technology-rich environment when they access their courses online.

IRSC faculty are there to guide each student from content exploration to subject mastery. Whether you’re studying education, criminal justice, or nursing, your professor will be there for you when you need them!

Ever-Enhancing Your Online Experience

Indian River State College provides your instructors with a variety of professional development opportunities. One opportunity is a course called IRSC Global Instructor Training (VCIT). The objective of VCIT is to provide a high quality online learning environment that teaches fundamental knowledge and application techniques of pedagogy for online instruction. This course serves as a model for what you experience as students, and allows your instructors to translate and implement the knowledge that they’ve acquired into YOUR online experience.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters is a nationally recognized distance learning organization that provides professional development, a rubric with a set of standards (8 general and 42 specific) for online course design and a faculty peer review process designed to encourage continuous course improvement. IRSC selected Quality Matters to ensure online courses are designed and developed with high-quality standards that are student-focused. IRSC’s high-quality courses are designed by faculty and instructional designers to ensure alignment among the course learning outcomes, module objectives, study activities and course assessments. The IRSC Global courses are comprised of 292 high-quality master courses. Currently, IRSC has 173 Quality Matters certified faculty and staff who are dedicated to providing students an exceptional online learning experience.

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