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As a teacher, you can make a difference in the lives of children and teens, helping to shape them into productive adults. Employment opportunities for teachers on the Treasure Coast are excellent, especially in the high-demand fields of math, science, ESE and bilingual education.


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Once You Complete the Program

Students graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree may focus on elementary age children, teaching basic academic, social or other formative skills in a public or private school. Others choose to teach students in one or more subjects— such as English, mathematics or social studies—or teach occupational, career and technical, or developmental education subjects in a private or public school at the middle-school or high-school level.

Academic Plans/Guided Pathways for Education

To view and print an Academic Plan/Guided Pathway, double-click on the program title.

For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

Academic Plans/Guided Pathways are recommended sequences of courses and prerequisites needed to complete your degree. It is a general suggestion for when to take your courses; it is not a course schedule. Students should meet with their advisors to make appropriate course selections. The Academic Plans/Guided Pathways listed below are for the current academic year. Students should consult with their advisors for plan requirements specific to their academic year.

Bachelor's of Science Degrees

*At least one proctored assessment is required for each online course. Some programs may also require the student to complete a practicum experience.

Career Coach Employment Outlook

Wage and employment data for the example careers that follow is provided by Career Coach (powered by EMSI). EMSI uses data, reports and forecasts that are generated using government data sources and proprietary analytical processes. Educational requirements vary by career. 
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