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Campus Safety and Security

The Department of Campus Safety and Security is honored to serve and protect the greater Indian River State College community.

Campus Safety and Security is made up of a diverse workforce of civilian security professionals, empowered to enforce Florida statutes and policies established by the IRSC District Board of Trustees. We are located throughout IRSC campuses and sites, and dedicate ourselves to preserving the highest standard of public safety for our students, employees and guests.

As you enjoy Indian River State College, know that our Security personnel are available to you should you need assistance. Additionally, we would remind every patron or employee of the College: if you see something, SAY something. By reporting suspicious behavior, people, and situations, you’re partnering with us to provide a safer and more secure environment at IRSC.

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

Be safe.  Procedures suggested in this manual serve as a “Quick Reference Guide” for general emergency situations.

Emergency Phone Numbers By Campus

IRSC Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy

IRSC policies and procedures related to Non-Discrimination and Non Harassment; Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct or Other Crimes of Violence can be found on the Equity and Diversity page of this website. 

IRSC Harassment Discrimination Complaint Form

Updating Your Emergency Contact Information

In the event of a severe weather event or other campus emergency, IRSC may alert students, faculty and staff by text, email and/or phone.

Students and employees should regularly update their emergency contact information in their Workday account, accessible through MyPioneerPortal.

Additional Safety and Security Resources

Protection of Vulnerable Persons

In April of 2012, the State of Florida signed into law the “Protection of Vulnerable Persons” Act, a measure which implemented the toughest mandatory reporting requirements in the nation for child abuse violations on school campuses. As a result, Indian River State College has certain responsibilities with respect to the statute.

If you know or have a reasonable belief to suspect that any child (person under the age of 18)

  • is abused (physical, mental, sexual, injury or harm) by an adult, or
  • is the victim of childhood sexual abuse, or
  • is the victim of a juvenile sexual offender.

you must immediately notify the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Abuse Hotline. Notification must be made by calling, faxing, or sending email to the Florida DCF Abuse Hotline at 800-962-2873 or by visiting the Abuse Hotline website:

A violation of the law is a third-degree felony.

Additional IRSC Administrator responsibilities include:

  • Report known or suspected child abuse, abandonment and neglect when notified by faculty, staff, and/or another administrator;
  • Report immediately when such incidents are determined to have occurred on College property or during College-sponsored events or functions;
  • Make no attempts to prevent others from reporting such incidents.

Violations of these requirements result in a $1 million dollar fine to the College.

Additional questions regarding Protection of Vulnerable Persons and IRSC obligations may be directed to the Chief of Security and National Training Initiatives at 772-462-7860 or the Vice President of Human Resources 772-462-7221.

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