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Honorlock Remote Proctoring Service

Virtual Proctoring Information—Honorlock

All IRSC online classes require verification of your identification as per the instructor's syllabus. A desktop computer or laptop with a working webcam and microphone is required in all online classes. Classes requiring proctored exams will be proctored online by Honorlock, which is a remote proctoring service.

Honorlock is a recognized leader in remote test proctoring that offers students a secure and convenient way to take proctored exams online 24/7. A desktop computer or laptop with a working webcam and microphone will be required to take the proctored exam in each class. See the “Honorlock Testing Requirements for Students” below for more details.

Honorlock is fully integrated within Blackboard, which means you can access Honorlock directly from Blackboard without needing an additional username and password. Also, prior to your first exam, all your pertinent information is automatically imported into the Honorlock system for the classes in which you are currently enrolled. For more information please visit

Honorlock Testing Requirements for Students

  • A desktop computer or laptop (no tablets, iPads or cell phones are permitted);
  • A working webcam with 400x300 resolution (integrated or external USB device is acceptable);
  • A working microphone (integrated or external USB device is acceptable);
  • A stable internet connection (1.5 Mbps download and 750 Kbps upload);
  • Google Chrome browser;
  • Beginning July 1, 2020, Honorlock will no longer support Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac OSX 10.11 and Mac OSX 10.12; 
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on your computer (turn off the Pop-up Blocker); and
  • A private testing room or area with no distractions or other people. Make sure you have a clear work area (removal of all books, papers, notebooks, calculators, etc. unless specifically permitted for your exam), sufficient lighting, and no background noise.

You must have a valid photo ID to take your test. Acceptable forms of identification include a current government-issued ID with photo, a current Indian River State College ID card or a current High School Photo ID card. If an ID is broken, cut taped or expired, it is no longer valid. Also, make sure the name on your photo ID matches the name on your IRSC school registration.

Honorlock Fees 

 Honorlock proctoring fees will be paid by Indian River State College.

Honorlock Resources for Students

Read the Honorlock FAQs.

Honorlock: Tips for Success

IRSC Tips for Success: Honorlock

Getting Started with Honorlock (Student Guide)

How to Complete an Honorlock Room Scan (Blackboard Student Guide)

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Honorlock does not sell or otherwise commercialize your personal data and uses the data only to provide and improve our proctoring services. For more information on Honorlock's Privacy Policy, click here. Honorlock privacy video and top questions about privacy and security, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Honorlock’s technical support team 24/7 by email at, or chat at or voice at 844-243-2500.

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