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Florida Prepaid College Program

Welcome Florida Prepaid Recipient! 

Indian River State College (IRSC) electronically downloads the Florida Prepaid Matriculation file every Tuesday and Thursday evening to add and update student plans into our database. 

To Use Your Florida Prepaid Plan at IRSC:

You must complete these steps each semester you wish to use your Florida Prepaid plan at IRSC:  

  1. Log into your WorkDay Student account
  2. Type "Create Request" in the search bar at the top
  3. Click Create Request task in the search results
  4. In the Request Type box, type FPP or Florida Prepaid and click OK
  5. In the Describe the Request box, type the academic period (i.e. Spring 2024)
  6. Select the term you wish to use your FFP
  7. Select Yes or No to accepted Florida Prepaid tuition coverage
  8. Click submit

Make sure your Social Security number at IRSC matches the Social Security number at the Florida Prepaid College Board.

Florida Prepaid will pay for Associate Degree, Baccalaureate Degree and Career Training programs. Fees such as lab, technology, and distance learning are not covered by Florida Prepaid and must be paid by the registration deadline. 

Within 48 hours, the amount provided towards your tuition will be available. To pay any balance that may be due, click on Make a Payment in the Finance Tab in WorkDay. 


For questions concerning your Florida Prepaid Account, contact the Accounts Receivable Department at 772-462-7184

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