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With the ever increasing use of advanced technology in automobiles today, new training and skillsets are required to keep up. The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Automotive Service Management Technology is NATEF Master Certified and an excellent choice for a rewarding career in automotive service and repair with opportunities in management or for starting your own business. Certificates in Automotive Service Technician and General Automotive Technician help you acquire skills in a shorter period of time prior to completion of your A.A.S. Degree. IRSC is proud to offer these programs at an affordable cost. 

Once You Complete the Program

Graduates seek hands-on positions in automotive service and repair, or venture into insurance appraisal to estimate repair costs and provide recommendations for service providers. Others continue their education in automotive engineering to develop new or improved designs for vehicles.

Automotive A.A.S. 

Gain management and technical skills that are in high demand. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

Technical (College Credit) Certificates

Earn valuable Technical (College Credit) Certificates at the same time you’re completing an A.S. Degree—get double the value and additional credentials by completing these blocks of courses. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

Career Training

Students enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs build increasingly sophisticated skills in both clock hour and college credit modules. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

Diesel Technician Apprenticeship

This program is delivered in partnership with State of Florida registered apprenticeship sponsors, and prepares student coperaive method oles ta, requirin on tre job trating and custom initieton providing the student with technical and practical skills necessary in the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics trades.

For more information, view the IRSC Course Catalog

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