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Foreign Language

Open up the world of communications with an Associate in Arts Degree in foreign languages. Knowing a second language can provide many advantages for business, travel and personal satisfaction. Fluency in a second language allows you to have an appreciation of the culture surrounding that language and other cultures—including your own.

Once You Complete the Program

Obtain an entry-level position in the workforce, or transfer your credits to a four-year Baccalaureate program at a university. Travel to other countries and speak in the native language. Graduates can use their linguistic skills to find rewarding employment in fields such as foreign language teaching, interpreting or consulting.

Foreign Language A.A.

Complete your first two years of college at IRSC, and you’re guaranteed the right to transfer as a junior to a Bachelor’s Degree program at a Florida public university—or continue in a Bachelor’s Degree program at IRSC. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.  

Career Coach Employment Outlook

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