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Clubs and Activities

Student life at Indian River State College proves that you don't have to go to a big university to have a vibrant campus experience. More than 60+ campus clubs and organizations offer wide-ranging opportunities to develop leadership skills while building lasting friendships. Last year alone, the number of student activities exceeded 1,600. Getting involved in campus activities is one of the best ways to balance out your college experience.


The RiverLife online database is your source to connect, get involved, and lead. Here you can keep up-to-date on activities and events, learn about and join student organizations, track community service hours, develop your co-curricular transcript, access leadership development opportunities and more.

All of the organizations are listed in the RiverLife Directory. Find the group that's right for you. The important thing is to get involved. Your college experience will be enriched through new friends and activities!

IRSC students can visit RiverLife through MyPioneerPortal.

Student Government Association

Campus Coalition Government Leaders

The Campus Coalition Government (CCG) was initiated at IRSC in 1973 and was renamed to Student Government Association (SGA) in 2022. SGA is a concept of student government linking representatives from over 70 student clubs, organizations and athletic teams into a coalition reflecting the varied social, career and age interests of students. SGA exists to represent and act in the interests of all students at IRSC.

Meet Your SGA Leaders
(pictured left to right)

Name: Lena Clausen 
Title: Press Secretary
Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore 
Favorite Quote: "As long as there are nice people in this world, a stray can feel like it has a home, feel safe - even temporarily - and sometimes that's all we really need." ~ Unknown

Name: Erika Diaz
Title: Vice President
Major: Nursing
Year: Freshman
Favorite Quote: "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." ~ Nelson Mandela

Name: Pedro Sanchez
Title: President
Major: Biology
Year: Senior
Favorite Quote: “If you do what is hard, then your life will be easy; If you do what is easy, then your life with hard.” ~ Les Brown

Name: Elizabeth Flores
Title: Secretary
Major: Music
Year: Senior
Favorite Quote: “What I do is temporary, but what I leave behind is forever.” ~ Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach

Name: Emily Villegas
Title: Treasurer
Major: Human Services
Year: Sophomore
Favorite Quote: “Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down." ~ Roy T. Bennett

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program at IRSC offers a variety of events, seminars and leadership opportunities that help students grow socially, intellectually and professionally. Participants go beyond the ordinary and take advantage of all opportunities to become engaged on campus.

The Emerging Leaders program is designed to help you connect, lead and get involved. There is no cost to participate; all you need is an open mind, the willingness to learn, and the desire to step outside your comfort zone. Students who complete the program will earn a certificate of completion, a leadership pin and medallion.

Emerging Leaders Curriculum

At the beginning of the Emerging Leaders Program, you will complete a short pre-questionnaire to evaluate your current leadership skills. 

  • Attend a leadership conference or summit.
  • Attend a “Maximize YOUR College Experience” workshop.
  • Become an active member of a club.
  • Attend a “Get the 411 on RiverLife” workshop.
  • Attend 2 leadership seminars.
  • Attend 2 activities of your choice.

  • Attend 2 activities of your choice.

  • Complete 15 hours of community service.
  • Attend 2 activities of your choice.

  • Compose a reflective essay.
  • Attend an activity of your choice.

At the conclusion of the Emerging Leaders program you will complete a post-program questionnaire to reflect on how you have developed as leader.

Students should visit RiverLife on MyPioneerPortal for more details on program requirements. The Emerging Leaders program is located on the RiverLife home page under “Paths.” If you do not see the Emerging Leaders program or have questions, contact Student Engagement & Leadership.

Legacy Leaders

Legacy Leaders is a year-long, structured experience designed for exceptional student leaders to further their legacy at IRSC and help prepare them for a life of service commitment and contribution beyond graduation. Participants must have completed the Emerging Leaders program and be currently enrolled at IRSC. The program puts the foundation built during Emerging Leaders into action.

The focus of Legacy Leaders program is ENGAGE, LEAD, SERVE and INSPIRE!

Students who complete Legacy Leaders will:

  • Deepen their understanding of their leadership abilities and responsibilities as members in society beyond graduation,
  • Form life-long connections with their peers,
  • Solidify their legacy as Indian River State College student leaders, and
  • Prepare themselves for life as individuals who lead through actions that are selfless, civically motivated and socially responsible.

There are several key components to Legacy Leaders that makes this the premier leadership program on campus. These solidify the participants' legacy on campus while preparing them for a life of leadership:

  • Monthly Meetings and Legacy Leaders Workshop Series
  • Leadership Conferences and Summit
  • Experiential Learning/Legacy Leaders Day of Service, presentations and related events
  • Mentoring—students establish and build meaningful relationships with peers, faculty, staff and administrators

Students who complete the Legacy Leader program will become Legacy Pioneers, earning a certificate of completion, a leadership pin and commemorate regalia to wear at graduation. All students participating in the program must complete by April 8.

Successful completion of the program includes:

  • Attendance at scheduled meetings, lectures, workshops and other related events;
  • Periodic meetings with mentees; and

No form of disciplinary or academic probation while in the program.

Contact Student Engagement & Leadership

Student Engagement & Leadership provides assistance to individual students and student organizations in the planning, management and evaluation of programs and organizational activities. It supports and cultivates a campus community where students can achieve success and become socially responsible citizens and is a resource for social, recreational, multi-cultural and leadership activities that enhance a student’s education.

For more information on how to get involved, call us at 772-462-7788 or 772-462-7476 or send email to


Fall and Spring Semesters
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Summer Semester
Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. , closed Friday

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