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IRSC Global Programs

Indian River State College offers hundreds of courses and select degree programs through its IRSC Global.

Courses within IRSC Global degree programs are nationally certified through Quality Matters (QM). Each offers a consistent format, so students can focus on learning and easily find the materials that they need.


Explore Online Programs and Courses

IRSC offers hundreds of online courses. For a full list of online courses offered this semester, consult the IRSC Course Schedule.

Online: Traditional online course delivery provides an opportunity to learn and complete assignments on a more flexible schedule. Classes are not confined to particular dates and times, and students typically have more flexibility to access materials, lectures, tests and assignments.

Hybrid: For students who seek experiences that combine in-person and virtual learning, hybrid course delivery blends online instruction with face-to-face classroom instruction at one of IRSC's five campuses.


Indian River State College Associate Degree programs provide you with a quality education at the fraction of the cost of a public or private university.  IRSC Global offers the following Associate Degree programs:

Technical (College Credit) Certificates may be earned at the same time you’re completing an A.S. Degree, giving your additional credentials. Certifications are generally earned after one year of full-time study.

At least one proctored assessment is required for each online course. Some programs may also require the student to complete a practicum experience.

Printed, archived copies of IRSC College Catalogs are available in the Main Campus library. Other requests for archived information should be sent to the Curriculum Support Office on the Main Campus or requests may be made to

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