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Make-Up Exams

Make an appointment below to schedule in-person testing to make up a missed paper and pencil exam from either an on-campus face-to-face or hybrid class.  

Instructor Approval (Required)   

Approval to take a make-up exam is determined by each instructor and may not be permitted in some classes. Make an appointment only if you have been given approval from your instructor to make up a paper and pencil exam from a face-to-face or hybrid class. 

  • A valid photo ID is required for all exams taken at Indian River State College. Acceptable forms of identification include: 
    • Current driver license with photo
    • Current Federal, State, County or Municipality issued ID with photo (includes U.S. Military ID) 
    • Current Alien Registration Card (Green Card) with photo
    • Current Passport with recent photo
    • U.S. Passport Card
    • Current High School ID
    • Current Indian River State College ID card 

If an ID has an expiration date, it is no longer valid after that date. Also, once an ID is broken into more than one piece or has been cut, it is no longer valid.  An ID printed on paper, photo paper or cardboard will not be accepted for testing. 

  • No cellphones, personal items or backpacks are permitted in the testing room. 
  • When scheduling your individual make-up exam appointment, keep the following in mind.  Your instructor will determine your exam time limit (maximum of 2 hours). Exams must be completed in one sitting. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Confirm with your instructor if a Scantron, course notes or books are needed for your exam. Bring any needed items with you for your make-up exam appointment. 
  • If you are late for your appointment, you must reschedule. Rescheduling will not be permitted after the deadline. 

Approved Testing Accommodations   

If IRSC Student Accessibility Services has approved testing accommodations, call the Assessment Center at 772-462-7585 for an appointment instead of using the Register links below. 

Testing Locations 

P.E.R.T. tests are administered by appointment in the Assessment Centers on all IRSC campuses.  

Make-up Exam Appointments 

Make an in-person appointment at the campus where your class meets. If you are in an online class, contact your instructor about the possibility of virtual make-up opportunities using Honorlock instead of using the Register links below.


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