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Photography Courses

Beginning Photography
This is a class about the basics of photography. It is designed to be a concise introduction to photography for new camera owners, along with being an enlightening refresher course for seasoned photographers and professionals.

Intermediate Photography
This course continues where it was left off in Beginning Photography, getting to know the camera while learning new techniques and creating your own style. There will be particular emphasis on the elements and principles of superior design and post-production techniques. Indoor and nighttime photography, using an auxiliary flash, studio lighting, and modifiers are introduced; along with some simple lighting, style to use with portraits and still life photography.

Pre-requisite: Beginning Photography

Advanced Photography
This class provides an updated source of information about the ever-changing field of photography. Classes are designed for serious amateurs and professionals. They involve in-depth studies into the applications of various techniques using film and/or digital equipment, and camera formats; with emphasis on improving technical proficiency through "hands-on" experiences and critique.

Pre-requisite: Beginning and Intermediate Photography



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