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Institutional Training and Development

Institutional Training and Development coordinates developmental and training opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators. The purpose is to identify, develop and provide strategies, resources, tools and offerings designed to support and increase the effectiveness of Indian River State College employees. 

Institutional Training and Development is designed to have significant impact on all departments, divisions, and employees of Indian River State College. Development opportunities are both formal and informal with offerings made available in response to expressed and perceived needs and desires.


This series is open to all employees and highlights departments, campuses and programs.  Formal presentations, as well as tours of buildings, are offered to keep employees informed of happenings on campus.

If you are looking to end poverty in your community or lessen its impact on people, the environment and local organizations and businesses, explore the innovative concepts found in Bridges Out of Poverty.

The Employee Development Program (EDP) will cover the $15 fee associated with registration. If you are interested in attending one of the all-day training programs, please work with your supervisor and co-workers for coverage purposes. Participants will be on their own for lunch.

If you would like additional information regarding the content of this training, contact Lynne O'Dell at

Faculty and employees are encouraged to utilize Percipio, an online repository and 24/7 gateway to learning resources for skills improvement, professional development and performance support through courses, videos, books, mentoring and more. Access it through MyPioneerPortal

The Leaders Institute is a leadership development program for administrative supervisors. Sessions focus on applied and theoretical offerings on leadership, coaching, mentoring, vision setting, communication, and the role of college leaders in relation to student success.

Development opportunities are focused on helping the Department Chairs become more effective discipline leaders. Offerings include effective leadership, delegation skills, state curriculum issues, finance and budgeting and student-issue management.

The Employee Development Program has partnered with the Institute for Academic Excellence located in the Kight Center for Emerging Technologies to offer an array of state-of-the-art technology training. Offerings are faculty-focused.

This program helps integrate new faculty into the institution, and supports them through the Focus on New Faculty program. This initiative allows new faculty to quickly transform into comfortable faculty, and easily adapt to the College’s culture.  It provides education and opportunities for new faculty to form college-wide relationships with other faculty, staff, administrators and other departments, which is vital to their first year and future successes at IRSC. A new-faculty-specific  group works with all new full-time faculty of the institution to provide offerings on topics such as student success, equity and inclusiveness, tenure and promotion, grant development and technology, as well as college services.

New Faculty Mentors

The Focus on New Faculty program pairs new faculty with veteran faculty who provide one-on-one mentoring through the critical first year. New Faculty & Mentors Lunch Forums, which are held monthly, allow mentees and mentors to come together, listen and engage in formal presentations and conversations with areas of the College that may be of special interest to them as they begin to develop within the institution.

This training program is for non-administrative supervisors, and sessions focus on student success in relation to supervisory roles. This group will work to improve communication and institutional effectiveness college-wide.  Offerings in the past have included topics such as delegation skills, time management, coaching and feedback skills, customer service, conflict management and communication skills. Participants share their strengths with other great managers through “best practice” panels.


Indian River State College is a place where employees lead, inspire, innovate and achieve. 

Recognition programs include Faculty of the Month, Team Member of the Month, Endowed Teaching Chairs and others.

Additionally, IRSC holds annual College Awards and Service Awards ceremonies. 


Institutional Training and Development is located within the Office of Human Resources in F Building, Room 112 on Massey Campus in Fort Pierce.

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