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All full-and part-time IRSC faculty and instructors are required to be certified by IRSC in the discipline/subject taught. This certificate will specify the discipline, the level which may be taught, date of issue and expiration date. The teaching certificate will be issued by the Assistant Dean of Human Services.

Faculty Certification Process

  1. Once approval has been received by the appropriate Instructional Dean to start the initial certification process for the full-time faculty member, the file is reviewed for completeness in accordance with the SACS guidelines.

  2. A complete IRSC Employment Application must be on file with Human Resources including all required forms and documents in order to process the certification application. During the interview process, it is important for the Department Chair/Instructional Dean to explain the SACS required documents necessary for completion of the certification process (i.e., official transcripts, work verification if needed, philosophy of education).
  • Official transcripts must be sent directly to Human Resources.
  • Certain disciplines require a current professional license. For example: nursing, paramedic, real estate, or insurance. Please submit copies of these current professional licenses to Human Resources with your certification application.
  1. Following review of the certification file, Human Resources will notify the faculty member by email requesting any missing official transcripts or other missing required documents.

  2. Once the official transcripts, additional supporting documents and the fingerprint clearance are received by Human Resources, the file is forwarded to our Certification Officer for review and IRSC certification approval.

  3. Once approved, the IRSC teaching certificate is then issued and returned to Human Resources. Human Resources will then mail the original IRSC teaching certificate to the faculty member and place a copy in the certification file. All IRSC faculty, full- and part-time, are required to be certified by IRSC in the discipline(s) in accordance with SACS guidelines. This certificate will specify each discipline and level, date of issue and an expiration date for the period of five (5) years from the date of issue.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Baccalaureate (credit): Requires a Master’s Degree in the discipline or any Master’s Degree with eighteen (18) graduate semester hours in the discipline/subject taught. In addition, some disciplines may require a terminal degree.

  • Pre-Baccalaureate (credit): Requires a Master’s Degree in the discipline or any Master’s Degree with eighteen (18) graduate semester hours in the field being taught.

  • Technical Specialty (credit): Requires one year of experience working in the area of specialization to be taught and at least an A.A., A.S. or A.A.S. Degree.

  • College Prep Certification: Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in the discipline related to the teaching assignment and either teaching experience in a discipline related to the assignment or graduate training in remedial education.
    • College-Prep English: Baccalaureate Degree or higher in English Literature, Language Arts, Journalism, or English-related Education degree, with appropriate teaching experience.
    • College-Prep Mathematics: Baccalaureate Degree or higher in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Statistics or Business, Business Education, Natural Sciences, Natural Sciences Education, Computer Science, Computer Science Education or Engineering with substantial Mathematics coursework through Calculus, with appropriate teaching experience.
    • College-Prep Reading: Baccalaureate Degree or higher in Reading, Broadcasting or Journalism, Literature, Language Arts, or Reading-related Education degree, with appropriate teaching experience.
  • Adult Education (non-credit): Requires a Bachelor’s Degree and attributes or experiences which help instructors to relate to the particular needs of the adults they teach.

  • Other Non-College Credit Courses: Instructor must have sufficient combined education/training and work experience in the area of specialization to prove expertise.

Additional Documentation for Technical Specialty and Developmental Education Faculty Positions

Candidates applying for technical specialty and/or developmental education positions, must provide a one-year work verification letter. Candidates must provide a letter from a current or former employer on official company letterhead that documents a minimum of one year of directly related work experience in the area(s) of specialization to be taught. The letter must include applicant’s dates of employment, position title(s), and specific duties and responsibilities relating to the discipline(s) the applicant is requesting to teach. If the applicant is self-employed and that is the only directly related work experience that can be documented, submit a detailed, notarized letter outlining the relevant work experience from both the applicant and a long-term client who can attest to the applicant’s specific skills and work experience.


All applicants for administrator positions must have a certification issued by the District Board of Trustees. Each certification will have an expiration date, and it is the responsibility of each administrator to take proper and timely action to keep his/her certification current. During each five (5) year period, all administrators must complete six (6) semester hours of College credit education in an area related to their position or complete a minimum of 180 clock hours of related professional development activities (such as attendance at conventions, conferences, seminars and workshops) or a combination thereof.

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