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IRSC Reveals New Mascot

IRSC Reveals New Mascot

May 25, 2022 Robert Lane

After many years of anticipation, Indian River State College (IRSC) revealed its first Pioneer mascot at the IRSC District Board of Trustees meeting held on Tuesday, May 24, at the Chastain Campus in Stuart. Our Pioneer is the Peregrine.
Pioneer Mascot

The Peregrine is an analytic and strategic bird of prey, a defender known for excellent vision, intelligence, courage, fearlessness, and leadership. Both a symbol of freedom and energy, the Peregrine seizes every opportunity. A member of the falcon family, the Peregrine is among the most agile and swift of these birds. Our Pioneer’s roots are steeped in IRSC history. A falcon served as the mascot for Lincoln Junior College, which merged with Indian River in 1965.

Initiated at the request of IRSC President Dr. Timothy Moore and led by Marketing, Media & Brand, a mascot development team was formed to introduce a mascot to the IRSC brand. The selection of the Peregrine was the culmination of an extensive and thorough process that began in January 2022.

The team considered input received—both formally and informally—from students, employees, and community members alongside suggestions gathered over the years. The team then extensively explored more than 50 potential mascots that possessed traits evocative of the IRSC Pioneering spirit: trailblazing, visionary, strong, bold, adventurous, heroic, tenacious, unrelenting, and fierce.

The potential mascots were narrowed down using research and recommendations coming from, Administration, student-athletes, coaches, and the Campus Coalition Government (CCG) on behalf of the student body to finalize the mascot candidate list to share with the College community.

The total number of participants in the poll was 3,262 individuals—2,714 students and 548 employee responses. The results revealed the Peregrine as the clear leader, with more than 150 votes separating the Peregrine from the number 2 selection, the Bobcat. Together, these two contenders commanded 52 percent of the vote.

Plans to officially introduce the IRSC Pioneer mascot as part of the Fall 2022 semester are underway. Be on the lookout for the latest mascot news on IRSC social media and on campus.

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