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Emergency Administration and Management

If you are looking for a dynamic career in the growing field of safety, security and emergency management, or serve a volunteer agency and want to enhance your skills for work in disaster relief and humanitarian operations, the Associate in Science Degree program may be for you. The curriculum is based on an all-hazards approach to emergency management and emphasizes effective operating procedures under all emergency conditions.

Once You Complete the Program

Graduates can find employment as aid agency operators, emergency managers and planners and homeland security specialists. Students interested in a career managing people and projects at the local, state or national level, can continue with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration at IRSC. Bachelor’s Degree graduates are uniquely prepared for leadership positions within law enforcement, fire/emergency medical services, emergency management and non-profit agencies at the local, state and national level.

Emergency Administration and Management A.S.

The Associate in Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management may be completed in class or online. For each of the technology classes within the program, there is a weekly lecture that will be recorded and uploaded to the online course room. Students who are close to the campus that would like to attend the lecture are welcome to attend, but it is not required. Additionally, many of the classes use open educational resources (OER) that come directly from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security websites to acquire knowledge of resources that will be used by the student in their future careers, saving students the cost of books for these classes in the process. 

Throughout the program, students are presented with the opportunity to work with community partners and/or attend trainings, workshops, and exercises. This allows students the opportunity to work and learn alongside multidisciplinary emergency response personnel and experience the practical application of concepts learned in the program. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

Technical (College Credit) Certificates

Students in a variety of fields and professions can pursue technical certificates as a way to understand and prepare for a world with ongoing exposure to a multitude of disasters and security threats. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

Public Administration: Emergency Planning and Management Concentration B.S. 

The Public Administration: Emergency Planning and Management concentration is designed for students who want to work in the emergency planning field. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

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