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Finance / Marketing

Finance involves the understanding of raising funds, spending funds and carefully analyzing funds, while marketing focuses on the planning, pricing and promotion of ideas, products and services. Pursuing a degree in Finance/Marketing will enable you to help any business, whether large and small, make financial decisions and determine the best methods to sell their products or services.

Once You Complete the Program

Direct a company’s financial activities, such as planning, procurement and investments; counsel individuals or organizations on credit and debt management; and identify market trends and data patterns to produce business intelligence critical for growth and success. Career paths include financial planner, budget analyst, investor relations professional and credit analyst, among others.

Finance/Marketing A.A.

Complete your first two years of college at IRSC, and you’re guaranteed the right to transfer as a junior to a Bachelor’s Degree program at a Florida public university—or continue in a Bachelor’s Degree program at IRSC. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.  

Marketing Management A.S.

Gain management and technical skills in many high-demand career fields, with the option to continue toward a Bachelor’s Degree at IRSC. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.  

Marketing Operations Technical (College Credit) Certificate

Earn valuable Technical (College Credit) Certificates at the same time you’re completing an A.S. degree—get double the value and additional credentials by completing these blocks of courses. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.  

Career Coach Employment Outlook

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