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Health Science A.A. Degree Track

There are many careers within the health science industry, including jobs requiring patient care to laboratory testing and healthcare management.

Once You Complete the Program

IRSC Associate in Arts Degree in Health Science graduates often continue their studies by enrolling in IRSC selective admissions health sciences programs. These students build a strong foundation for future employment in the growing healthcare field.

Health Science A.A.

Complete your A.A. at IRSC and continue your studies in health science by applying to one of the selective admissions Associate in Science Degree programs. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.  

Health Navigator Specialist Technical (College Credit) Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Health Navigator Specialist certificate, students seek employment in various areas including hospitals, long-term care and home care settings for patients and families to ensure they receive proper care and have access to appropriate resources. Health Navigators work in a non-clinical role as the liaison between patients and providers to promote optimal health outcomes.

Employment Outlook

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