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Math Instructional Support QEP

In support of the Indian River State College Mission to promote student success by offering high-quality, affordable and accessible education, IRSC has developed a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) titled Math At the Root of Success (MARS). The purpose of the QEP (MARS) is to create an institution-wide initiative that is committed to improving student learning and success through the course redesign of Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033) and the development of Quantitative Reasoning (MAT1100).

MAT 1033 Delivery Options

MARS (Math At the Root of Success) Computer Lab

The MARS lab is the physical location of the computer lab in the SE Model where students will go after their focus hour. There is a MARS lab on every campus.

MARS Group

Students and faculty are invited to join the MARS group hosted on RiverLife. Here you will find events, news and student testimonial videos.

Math Courses Recommended for Your Major

QEP has put together the following course flow by area of study. Check with your advisor as there are exceptions for some degrees.

Business Majors

  • MAT1033, Intermediate Algebra
  • MAC1105, College Algebra
  • MAC2233, Business Calculus I
  • STA2023, Elementary Statistics

STEM and Health Science Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Nursing)

  • MAT1033, Intermediate Algebra
  • MAC1105, College Algebra
  • MAC1140, Pre-Calculus Algebra
  • MAC1114, Plane Trigonometry
  • MAC2311, Calculus I with Analytic Geometry

Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design, Digital Media, Education, Health Sciences, Public Safety, Industry/Manufacturing, Construction, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Human Services, Organizational Management

  • MAT1100, Quantitative Reasoning or MAT1033, Intermediate Algebra
  • MGF2107, Exploration in Mathematics or MGF2106, Survey in Mathematics or MTG2204, Elementary Geometry
  • STA2023, Elementary Statistics (required for some majors)

Contact QEP

The QEP Office is located in Building W, Room W-228 on Main Campus, 3209 Virginia Avenue, in Fort Pierce.

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