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Organizational Management

A degree in organizational management can help you build the skills to create and lead teams and prepare you for management positions in business, education, government and nonprofit industries. Organizational management involves planning, organizing, motivating, leading and interpersonal skills. Population growth increases in technology-based businesses and sophisticated job requirements fuel the demand for highly skilled managers.

Once You Complete the Program

Graduates of the IRSC Organizational Management programs seek jobs where they plan and direct daily tasks, establish short and long-term goals, oversee financial activities and manage teams—whether it be for an entire organization or for a specific department or store. Additionally, managers analyze risk and ensure compliance with policies and standards.

Organizational Management B.A.S.

Increase your earning power by earning your B.A.S. Degree in Organizational Management at IRSC. The Bachelor's of Science Degree in Organizational Management opens doors for career advancement for students who wish to advance to higher-level supervisory and management positions within business, industry and governmental organizations.

For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.

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