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Political Science

Political science provides an insight into how people govern themselves and how power is allocated and transferred within a society. Starting with an Associate Degree in Political Science, you will be introduced to coursework in quantitative reasoning, both American history and government, international relations, economics, ethics, social problems and public speaking. 

Once You Complete the Program

Your Associate Degree in Political Science can also offer you an affordable way to start working immediately as a paralegal or legal assistant at a law firm. You may also choose to transfer your credits to a four-year Bachelor's Degree program at a university. A degree in political science can offer a wide-ranging set of career opportunities that include public work in politics, lobbying, serving as a campaign director, a career in journalism, teaching and many other fields including behind-the-scenes work in policy research, statistical research or advocacy.

Political Science A.A.

Complete your first two years of college at IRSC, and you’re guaranteed the right to transfer as a junior to a Bachelor’s Degree program at a Florida public university—or continue in a Bachelor’s Degree program at IRSC. For course descriptions, see the College Catalog.  

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