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Revolutionary symbolic programming language with built-in algorithms, knowledge, and automation. The underlying programming language of Wolfram products, including Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Development Platform, and Wolfram Programming Lab.​

The Power of Computation

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Fields & Departments

Wolfram technologies are used across universities for both teaching and research.

Introduce your students to quantitative data and methods—with easy computation; compelling visualizations; and built-in knowledge about crops, livestock, climate, bioinformatics, GIS, markets, and more.

Wolfram tools provide a unique way to teach business students quantitative thinking and modern computational methods—all with hands-on access to extensive real‑world data.

Digital Arts
The Wolfram Language provides a new way to teach the principles of 2D and 3D geometry, design, and animation—as well as game structure—and to let your students create impressive websites and artwork.

Wolfram tools provide compelling visualizations and instant access to broad economic data—making it uniquely easy for students to build quantitative understanding with real-world data and computation.

Engineering & Industrial Technology
Give your students instant access to the engineering calculations and data they need, building quantitative skills with interactive visualizations and step‑by‑step solutions.

Wolfram products provide essential tools to make math easy and accessible—with instant interactive visualizations, automatic self-testing, and step‑by‑step solutions—and an immediate path to university math.

Physical Sciences
Do compelling classroom demonstrations (including with lab equipment) and give your students tools for instant calculation, visualization, and data analysis—and step‑by‑step solutions—including real-world data.

Software & Web Development
Use the breakthrough Wolfram Language to introduce your students to the latest programming tools and methodologies—and make it easy for them to build impressive state-of-the-art projects.

Bio & Life Sciences
Introduce quantitative methods and prepare your students for the computational future with instant access to state-of-the-art visualization, bioinformatics, statistics, and modeling—as well as chemical and biological data.

Computer Science/Information Systems
Use the breakthrough Wolfram Language to make it dramatically easier for your students to create real-world programs and understand principles—with instant visualization, interface construction, built-in data, etc.

Earth & Environmental Science
Give your students instant access to calculations and real-world data in geology, meteorology, and more, building quantitative skills and preparing your students for the computational future.

Prepare your students for computation-enabled lesson plans with Wolfram's broad tools, which are applicable to all levels of education and diverse visual, verbal, and other learning styles.

Use Wolfram tools to teach the principles of geodesy and geographic computation—with instant access to extensive mapping and other data, as well as compelling visualization.

Medical & Health Sciences
Build quantitative skills with immediate access to real-world calculations, data, and visualization in medicine, nursing, dentistry, nutrition, kinesiology, and more.

Social Sciences
Use Wolfram tools to give your students an easy and compelling introduction to data analysis and quantitative thinking with instant access to real-world data and interactive visualizations.


Get Started

The Wolfram subscription provided to Indian River State College students, faculty and staff delivers access to leading-edge technology tools. To get started, simply log into MyPioneerPortal, click the Wolfram icon, enter your IRSC email address, and then select your affiliation.


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