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Blackboard Login Help

Follow these instructions to login to Blackboard through MyPioneerPortal:

Login to MyPioneerPortal using your RiverMail email address ( and password at MyPioneerPortal.

MPP login screen

Once logged into MyPioneerPortal, click on Open Blackboard under the "Blackboard" widget. This will log you directly into Blackboard. If you do not see a “Blackboard" widget, email and provide your name, student ID number, RiverMail email address and ask for the Blackboard widget to be added to your MyPioneerPortal dashboard.

Blackboard Login Screenshot

Follow these instructions to reset your password for use on the Blackboard Mobile App or Blackboard website:

Follow the prompts on the screen for either the “Username option” (use your student ID for the username option) or the “Email address option” (use your RiverMail email address for the email option). A blank page with the date will populate after you have submitted your information on the Lost Password screen. At this point, an email with further instructions will be sent to your RiverMail inbox.

BB app help 2

An email will be generated to your RiverMail email address ( Click the link in the email
to be taken to the next step.

BB app help 3

Update your password at the Change Password screen. Make sure to enter the same password twice.


Login to the Blackboard Mobile App using your student ID number, as the username, and your new password. You may be taken to either one of the Blackboard log in screens below after a new password has been selected. Either screen will log you into Blackboard when the new log in information is submitted.

Note: if the new/changed password that you have selected does not log you into the Blackboard app, please return to the password reset link that was sent to your RiverMail email address. Re-click that link and select a different password than what was inserted the first time. The new password that you entered the first time did not meet the requirements for a new password, so an alternative must be selected.

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