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Credit for Military Training

At Indian River State College, students who have been in the military may be awarded credit by one or more of the following methods:

Transfer Credits

Students may be awarded credit through direct evaluation of transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges attended while in the military. Schools such as Community College of the Air Force or Central Texas College are examples. Official school transcripts are required.

Credit for Military Experiences

Veterans may request an official military transcript from JST. These credits are evaluated based on the coursework that would apply directly to their IRSC degree program, usually in the Associate of Science Degree field. Examples of credit awarded would be in the computer science field and electronics if pursuing the A.S. Degree in that field.

Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard should request military transcripts from JST online.

Members of the Air Force should make their transcript request through Community College of the Air Force.

Competency Credit

Competency credit could be awarded in certain areas such as criminal justice or health science based on standards approved by instructors and deans of those departments.

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