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Leadership Cabinet

Meet Indian River State College Vice Presidents and Members of the President’s Cabinet:

Heather J. Belmont, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer

Angela Browning, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research and Institutional Effectiveness

Elizabeth Gaskin
Vice President for Student Success

Michael Hageloh
Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, and Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Timothy Marshall
Vice President of Institutional Technology, Chief Information Officer

Marvin Pyles, Ph.D.
Vice President of Financial Services, CFO

Frank L. Watkins, Jr.
Vice President of Student Affairs

Melissa Ann Prochaska
Vice President of Human Resources, CHRO

Alessandro Anzalone, Ph.D.
Campus President–Chastain

Russell P. Brown
Campus President–Dixon Hendry

Terri Graham, Ed.D.
Campus President–Mueller

Andrew K. Treadwell
Campus President–Pruitt

Scott H. Kimmelman
Athletic Director 

Suzanne Seldes
Associate Vice President of Communications, PIO

Christopher Puorro
General Manager–IRSC Public Media

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