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Staff Senate

The Staff Senate's mission is to represent and advocate for the diverse voices and interests for all staff members at Indian River State College. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment where staff members can actively participate in shaping policies, promoting their well-being, and enhancing their professional development.

 The Staff Senate serves in an advisory capacity to the College President and seeks to do the following: 

  • Support the mission of the college: support the College and staff members and uphold the College Mission Statement to transform lives by offering high-quality, affordable and accessible education through traditional and remote delivery. 
  • Provide a voice for staff: foster an open forum to facilitate communication among staff, administration, faculty, and students to stimulate and strengthen the bonds of professional/personal relationships. 
  • Empower Staff: support all staff by advocating for continuing education, job development, and training while ensuring that staff understand both individual and institutional goals and by dispersing information about existing programs and materials. 
  • Cultivate an ideal environment to thrive together: promote a positive campus climate and strengthen the sense of unity among staff through building communication, trust, and integrity within the college community. 
  • Advisory Committee to staff: promotes an avenue for staff to freely share opinions and perspectives to help develop recommendations for growth and improvement of the college community. 

Through our commitment to these principles, Staff Senate endeavors to create an environment that values the voices and well-being of staff members, empowers them to thrive professionally, and ensures their active participation in the organizational decision-making processes.


View the Staff Senate Bylaws, upcoming meetings and agenda item submissions, benefits of participation, and frequently asked questions. 

Senate Members
The Staff Senate is composed of members representing the major college divisions, who meet to discuss issues that directly affect staff.

Staff members serve on committees which research and develop solutions for staff and report to the Senate on matters within their charge.

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