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Transfer Students

Students transferring to IRSC who have already filed a FAFSA® for the year in question should contact the federal information center at 1-800-4FED-AID and request that the Federal Processor forward the information to IRSC, Code 001493. Not all financial aid programs are transferable; eligibility for some programs will be determined by IRSC.

Transfer students who have loans for the current academic year at another school should cancel those loans as soon as possible and then apply to IRSC.

Transfer students who are recipients of a private scholarship should contact the donor of the scholarship and notify them of the change to IRSC.

All students transferring to IRSC must be sure to read the policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress.

For IRSC Students Transferring Elsewhere

Contact 1-800-4FED-AID to add your new school or go online to to add them.

Your student loans will not transfer, therefore, if you are transferring mid-year, you will have to cancel your loan at IRSC and contact your new school on the loan process there.

Check with the IRSC Foundation if you have received a transfer scholarship.

Contact your new school immediately (at least two to three months before transferring) to find out what is needed.

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