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Have the Experience of a Lifetime in 2020 with the IRSC Study Abroad Program

Have the Experience of a Lifetime in 2020 with the IRSC Study Abroad Program

October 2, 2019 Robert Lane

Experiences of a lifetime await students and community members who travel the world through the Indian River State College (IRSC) Study Abroad program. Eight fascinating trips are planned for 2020—offering the opportunity for participants to earn college credits related to each trip’s area of emphasis. The new slate of Study Abroad trips explore the people, culture, history, and economics in locations throughout Europe, Central America, Asia, and the Caribbean.

IRSC Study Abroad 2020, Prauge

Guatemala: Honors Cultural Experience—May 8–18, 2020
Guatemala, “the land of eternal spring,” is a breathtaking land of magnificent lakes, towering volcanoes, and ancient ruins. IRSC honors students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast the political and cultural differences between the United States and Guatemala, while also learning about one of the Mayan civilizations and the diverse Guatemalan ecosystem. Visit Guatemala City, Petenchel, Antigua and Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. This trip is open only to IRSC honor students.

Switzerland, Italy and France: Economics and Mathematics—May 11–23, 2020
Discover the inner workings, history and culture of four European countries while applying economics and math concepts that influence the United States and European global, social and cultural points of view. Visit Lucerne and Zurich in Switzerland; Venice, Florence and Pisa in Italy; Monaco; and Cinque Terre and the French Riviera, with extension to Paris, in France. College course credit in economics or mathematics may be earned.

England and France: Economics and Mathematics—May 11–23, 2020
Explore London and spend three days working with the London Fire Brigade and one day with the Paris Fire Brigade. Participants will also visit museums, attend a theater performance, and tour historical sites. College credit will be earned toward the IRSC Fire Science degree.

Czech Republic and China: School of Business Cultural Experience—May 14–June 11, 2020
Live on a beautiful university campus in Prague while studying with an international group of students. Learn about global business, diverse cultures and political influences and their impact on the world. Share ideas and knowledge on how to make a better world. Students will be required to take a college-credit course in business.

Spain: Salamanca, Seville, Granada, Madrid—May 16–31, 2020
Explore the beauty, language, culture and history of Spain, and experience daily life with home stays in Salamanca and Granada. Participants will also visit Seville and Madrid, tour historical sites, and engage in two weeks of language school. College credit will be earned toward Spanish and/or Humanities.

Honduras: Service Learning—May 23–30, 2020
Visit Roatan Island, the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras. IRSC students will explore how field researchers study animal behavior and marine ecology, and how people and the environment affect each other. Experience the unique opportunity of working with dolphins. Students will earn college credit in Service Learning and/or English.

Bahamas: Language, Culture, and Service Learning—June 26–July 3, 2020
Experience life as a Bahamian while exploring their language and culture. Visit churches, ministries, museums, historical sites and beaches in Nassau; and Atlantis on Paradise Island. Participate in a beach clean-up, read to youth in an orphanage, and take part in a Town Hall meeting/book discussion with University of the Bahamas students. Students will earn college credit.

Jamaica: Sociology, History, and Mathematics—July 5–12, 2020
Be Immersed in the "authentic" Jamaican culture and experience the rich educational, sociological, and historical aspects of the island. Visit the Bob Marley Museum; Port Royal, formally known as the wickedest city in the world; Dunn's River Falls; the Rio Grande River: and a Maroon village in Portland. College course credit in sociology, history, or mathematics may be earned.

The Study Abroad program is presented in support of the IRSC International Studies and Global Initiatives. For more details on trips, upcoming information sessions, and available study abroad scholarships, visit or call 1-866-792-4772 and indicate your trip of interest.

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