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Anthony Slaughter is the November 2022 Team Member of the Month

Anthony Slaughter is the November 2022 Team Member of the Month

November 30, 2022 Jon Pine

Vero Beach resident Anthony Slaughter is the Indian River State College November 2022 Staff Employee of the Month. Tony began his employment with IRSC in February 2014 as a Lab Assistant at Pruitt Campus before joining the College full-time as Custodian I in June 2014. In June of 2016, Tony earned a place on the Facilities and Maintenance team in the role of Maintenance I on Pruitt Campus. Today he lends his expertise to maintenance of the Blackburn Education Building in Fort Pierce.

Anthony Slaughter is the November 2022 Team Member of the Month

At the Blackburn Education Building, Tony works tirelessly on updating the building inside and out. If it is necessary to conduct his work when the campus is quiet, he has no qualms about coming in on the weekends to complete those tasks.

In addition to his many maintenance duties, Tony embraces custodial tasks with equal vigor and aplomb. He is always ready and willing to assist when asked about any assignment. For example, when our nursing assistant needed help setting up her room for more efficient use, Tony jumped on the opportunity to help.

Tony never loses his pleasant disposition, whether during hours spent pressure washing the building and removing the pesky mud daubers from the walls and roof, stripping and waxing the floors, or meticulously cleaning all the light fixtures throughout the building. No task is too low for his thorough care, not even the restroom cleaning duty.

Tony demonstrates an attitude of dedication and service that was instilled in him during his time in the military. He is a veteran with wartime service in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Tony does more than just tick off the tasks on work orders—taking the initiative to change burned-out lightbulbs when he sees them. When repainting the seats around campus, he takes the extra steps to prep and prime them first.

Tony’s commitment to these high standards ensure IRSC facilities are safe, welcoming, and comfortable for staff, faculty, students, and visitors.

Team Member of the Month
The Team Member of the Month Award recognizes a non-instructional employee. Nominations are evaluated by the Employee Recognition Committee, which is comprised of IRSC staff members, faculty and administrators. For more information, contact Committee Chair Sera Phillips at 772-462-7258.

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