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IRSC Updates Response to Coronavirus

IRSC Updates Response to Coronavirus

March 20, 2020 Suzanne Seldes

College to Maintain Operations Remotely with Limited Services on Site

Beginning March 23─the conclusion of Spring Break─Indian River State College will maintain operations remotely with limited services on site. In order to observe to the latest guidelines by the CDC, IRSC is implementing the following measures to keep students, employees, and others safe.  

Measures announced earlier this week:

  • All online classes will continue as scheduled on March 23.
  • All hybrid and face-to-face courses will adjust to fully online formats and resume on March 30.
  • Workforce programs and courses that rely on significant contact hours will have alternative plans developed, and faculty will reach out to students in these areas. These courses will also resume on March 30. 
  • All IRSC athletic events, planetarium shows, fine arts performances, and public pool hours have been suspended indefinitely.
  • The IRSC Child Development Center is closed until further notice.

Additional steps IRSC is initiating at this time:

  • No IRSC events of any kind are to take place with 10 or more individuals until at least April 15, 2020, or in the event the CDC deems gatherings safe again.
  • IRSC will evaluate all future events on a rolling schedule, determining the status of an event no later than two weeks prior to the event.
  • Any meeting of 10 or more individuals that is necessary must be done so in an online/virtual format.
  • IRSC’s Spring Commencement ceremonies have been postponed until further notice. The College is evaluating alternative means to celebrate our spring graduates, and working to ensure that graduates who want to take part in Commencement exercises have a future opportunity to do so.
  • In addition to the continuation of most classes in virtual format, IRSC will offer student services virtually where possible.
  • The College will be closed to students during the week of transition above (3/23 to 27); IRSC employees will use the week to develop alternative delivery methods for the libraries, ASC labs, testing centers, and more. Students, however, are encouraged to reach out to their instructors and/or assigned advisors during this week if there are questions or concerns regarding the adjustment to online learning.
  • IRSC is committed to ensure continuation of its student and support services. Any service that must maintain a limited opening will do so with respect to the CDC’s social gathering and social distancing guidelines.

As Indian River State College continues to shift its operations online to the extent possible, employees will work with their immediate supervisor in advance of March 23 to establish an alternating work schedule on site or a remote work plan.

The College will continue to disseminate information regarding the Coronavirus via College email, the College website at, and IRSC social media channels.

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