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IRSC Biological Sciences Undergraduate Symposium

IRSC Biological Sciences Undergraduate Symposium

December 9, 2020 Melanie Coppola

Indian River State College (IRSC) Biological Sciences hosted its Undergraduate Research Symposium at the Kight Center for Emerging Technologies on Friday, December 4. The symposium, which takes place every semester, gives graduating senior biology students the opportunity to present their research to the College community. Project topics included microplastic quantity in water of spoil island SL17, insecticide resistance within Texas-Mexico border mosquitoes, and phenotype modulation of microglia during commitment of neuroprotective M2 from neuroinflammatory M1.

Zachary L. Roy and his project for the Fall 2020 Biology Research Symposium

“The research programs we have in biology really allow the student to take the conceptual knowledge from the classroom and see how it applies in the real world—to see the scientific method at work on a personal level” shares Dr. Anthony Dribben, Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at IRSC. “Our students get hands-on experience with techniques and equipment through this research that students at other institutions only get to read about. This will serve our graduates well when they move forward to pursue future studies or employment in a highly technical field.”

Each student’s research project was performed in conjunction with IRSC research partners and undergraduate research advisors. These organizations provided IRSC students with science mentors, resources and educational support for their projects.

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