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IRSC Receives Grant from Adobe to Expand Use of Creative Tools in Curricula and College Projects

IRSC Receives Grant from Adobe to Expand Use of Creative Tools in Curricula and College Projects

November 28, 2022 Suzanne Seldes

FORT PIERCE, FL— Indian River State College (IRSC) is the first college in Florida to receive a grant from Adobe to connect Creative Cloud tools with student learning outcomes. The announcement comes one year after the IRSC became the first community college in the nation to comprehensively offer Adobe Creative Cloud applications, without cost, to all students, faculty, and staff.

“This is just the beginning of what I foresee as a long, exciting adventure in the partnership between IRSC and Adobe toward cultivating what we at Adobe are incredibly passionate about: enabling creativity for all,” concludes Mala Sharma, VP & GM, Creators + Digital Media Education at Adobe.

The grant will support hands-on workshops, training and peer-to-peer technical support for faculty, improve resources for students working with tutors at IRSC Academic Support Centers, and expand instructional integration of Creative Cloud. Innovation Awards will recognize faculty advancements that promote student success and students who use Adobe tools to create compelling personal brands.

“Since becoming an Adobe Creative Campus, many IRSC faculty members are eager to learn more about the tools available to them,” shares Bruce Fraser, Director of the Institute for Academic Excellence at IRSC. “With this grant, Adobe has invested financially in our evolution as a Creative Campus, helping us enhance professional development opportunities for our faculty that ultimately bolster the student learning experience.”

The grant also supports Adobe integration through the College Writing Academy, a joint venture between the College and the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation. This program identifies gaps in instructional resources (dedicated to supporting student writing) and creates needed resources using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. Resources will benefit students utilizing IRSC Academic Support Centers and prospective students and community members participating in writing workshops.

Additionally, the grant will advance the development and delivery of training tools and instructional resources related to New Common Ground, a professional development platform established by the College in partnership with RDR Group, a leadership training company.

“Adobe and IRSC share a vision to make the best tools available to students and faculty to enhance student learning and outcomes,” continues Fraser. “We are grateful for their continued partnership.”

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