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Indian River State College Students Showcase Their Talents at Fall 2023 Digital Media Portfolio Exhibition

Indian River State College Students Showcase Their Talents at Fall 2023 Digital Media Portfolio Exhibition

December 15, 2023 Robert Lane

FORT PIERCE—Indian River State College (IRSC) Digital Media students displayed their work at the Fall 2023 IRSC Digital Media Portfolio Exhibition on Friday, December 1 at the Kight Center for Emerging Technology on the Massey Campus in Fort Pierce. The exhibition serves as a platform to showcase the culmination of the students’ creative and technical skills in areas covered in the digital media and graphic design degree curricula. Their work includes examples such as animation, 3-D modeling, character development, graphic design, branding and web design.

Digital Media Students' portfolio work may be viewed at

Students’ portfolio work may be viewed online at:

This event not only provides students with valuable professional development experience and networking opportunities, but also aligns with program objectives and fosters the soft skills needed for employment opportunities. “By presenting completed projects and engaging with the college community, students enhance their portfolios, gain recognition, and strengthen their readiness for careers in the applied arts,” shares Jim Jeffers, M.F.A., Ed.D., IRSC Professor of Graphic Design & Digital Media and Adobe Creative Campus Faculty Fellow. “The exhibition acts as a motivational milestone, instilling pride and confidence as students transition into the multifaceted digital media industry or continue their education at the bachelor’s or graduate levels.”

The versatility of the acquired skills gained through the IRSC Digital Media program enables students to thrive in various industries, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of digital media and the demand for creative and technically adept professionals. Graduates of IRSC’s digital media programs embark on diverse and successful careers, finding roles in graphic and web design, game design and development, film and animation, interactive media and audio/video production. Many go on to work for notable game development and animation companies such as Bungie Ltd., Electronic Arts, Disney Animation Studios, Sony Studios and Studio Wildcard—in addition to many digital marketing and design agencies. Students also choose entrepreneurial paths, establishing freelancing businesses, while others contribute their skills to education and training sectors.

Jeffers shares that seeing a student’s final work showcased in an exhibition is a deeply gratifying experience and a moment of fulfillment, knowing he was able to play a part in their development. “There's a profound sense of pride and accomplishment as we see the culmination of their creative and technical skills on display,” he said. “It validates the impact of the educational journey and underscores our role in guiding and facilitating their growth. “Seeing our students poised to enter the professional realm with robust portfolios and skill sets honed during their time in the program is super rewarding.”

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