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IRSC Fire Science Program Lauded for Partnership with St. Lucie County

IRSC Fire Science Program Lauded for Partnership with St. Lucie County

June 22, 2021 Suzanne Seldes

Students enrolled in Indian River State College (IRSC) Public Service Education regularly participate in hands-on drills and exercises to test their knowledge under extreme situations. The College, St. Lucie County Environmental Resource Department (ERD), and the SLC Fire District were recently recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACo) with a 2021 Achievement Award for their Joint Fire Training program. The awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents.

IRSC Fire Science students particiapte in a joint training exersise.

"For the past several years, IRSC Fire Academy has partnered with the St Lucie County ERD, which is responsible for sustainable land management practices, regulations, public education, and outreach," shares Dr. Raimundo Socorro, Dean of IRSC Public Service Education. "The ERD monitors over 11,000 acres of preserves, parks and trails. While monitoring, ERD conducts prescribed burns. This is where our students come in. We do a day of live burns for our Wildland Certification, S-130/S-190, with the ERD team."

Along with the burn, students learn about weather, proper chain saws use, brush trucks and equipment, backfiring techniques, and making a fire-line with hand tools and heavy equipment. "It is an exhaustive and informative day," adds IRSC Instructor Thomas Hutchinson, who helped organize the IRSC Team. "Students are wearing gear and experience firsthand how a wildland fire reacts."

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