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Determined to be a Nurse, Jaylene Caraballo Finds Her Route to Success

Determined to be a Nurse, Jaylene Caraballo Finds Her Route to Success

November 30, 2021 Robert Lane

Jaylene began her college career at Indian River State College with the determination to become a nurse. Along the way, she faced challenges and setbacks that caused delays—including test anxiety. Overcoming these trials through her resolve, paired with encouragement from advisors and instructors, she will become the first in her family to earn a college degree when she walks the stage during the IRSC Fall Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, December 16, at Lawnwood Stadium in Fort Pierce.

Jaylene Caraballo

Jaylene feels one of the best things about attending IRSC was how the advisors and faculty genuinely care about her. They were always willing to help with any issue and took the time to advise her on her best path forward. She is especially thankful for the financial support she found through the IRSC Foundation and how that has allowed her to graduate with an R.N. Degree debt-free.

“When I first started my journey at IRSC in 2014, I knew I wanted to be an R.N. My advisor at the time, Annette Bracero wrote my student success plan,” recalls Jaylene. “When it was time to take the entrance exam for the R.N. program, I didn’t meet the requirement to be chosen, I felt so defeated, but I just kept studying. Annette told me to apply to the L.P.N. program and R.N. programs. I took her advice and applied to both.”

After passing the entrance exam, Jaylene was accepted into the L.P.N. program and graduated in 2019. After that, she began the R.N. program in Spring 2020 and is ready to participate in Fall Commencement.

“I already have a job offer with labor and delivery at a local hospital where I did my preceptorship during my last semester of nursing school,” she shares. “I say I took the scenic way, and I learned so much along the way.”

“I’m thankful for my advisor and teachers that all believed in me, pushing me to continue. As I look back, I don’t regret anything because it has made me who I am today and the nurse I will soon be.”                 

Congratulations Jaylene, and to all of our Fall 2021 Graduates, we are proud of your accomplishments!

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