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Robert E. Hall Donates Limited Edition Audubon Plate Image Print to IRSC

Robert E. Hall Donates Limited Edition Audubon Plate Image Print to IRSC

June 23, 2021 Suzanne Seldes

At the June 2021 meeting of the IRSC District Board of Trustees, Robert E. Hall unveiled his gift to the Indian River State College Foundation, a limited edition image of Audubon’s “Great Blue Heron” produced by Zebra Publishing LLC in association with the National Audubon Society.

IRSC President, Dr. Timothy Moore (left), with Robert E. Hall with the Audobon Centennial Edition Plate Image Print Hall Donated to the IRSC Foundation.

“John James Audubon is considered one of America’s most preeminent artists and naturalists of the 19th century,” shares IRSC President Dr. Timothy Moore. “Audobon’s birds are truly a national treasure. We grateful to Mr. Hall for donating this ‘Audubon Centennial Edition’ ‘Birds of America’ print, and we are honored to display it here at the College.”

In creating the “Audubon Centennial Edition,” each original Havell-engraved Audubon print was captured as a first-generation plate image print, which then underwent an exceedingly sophisticated restoration process. The finished Giclée plate image print was meticulously restored to the beauty and brilliance when originally hand-painted by Havell and his artisans. Each plate image print is created to its exact original dimensions on superior archival paper and is pencil signed and numbered.

In describing the Louisiana Heron that inspired “Great Blue Heron,” Audobon wrote, “Delicate in form, beautiful in plumage, and graceful in its movements, I never see this interesting Heron, without calling it the Lady of the Waters. Watch its motions, as it leisurely walks over the pure sand beaches of the coast of Florida, arrayed in the full beauty of its spring plumage.”

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