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Shanice Grant is the May 2023 Team Member of the Month

Shanice Grant is the May 2023 Team Member of the Month

May 9, 2023 Robert Lane

Fort Pierce resident Shanice Grant is the Indian River State College May 2023 Team Member of the Month. Shanice started at IRSC part-time in June 2010 as a Work-study before her full-time hire in July 2013 as an Administrative Assistant I in the Mathematics, Natural Science and Performing Arts Department. In the summer of 2021, Shanice accepted the position of Curriculum Support Specialist—the role she holds today.

Shanice Grant is the May 2023 Team Member of the Month

Shanice provides the needed support required to assist in the development, approval, and implementation of the College’s curriculum. To that end, she works collaboratively with team members across the institution to establish, maintain and report on all curriculum-related activities. During her tenure at IRSC, Shanice has accrued a wealth of knowledge regarding classes and curriculum—earning her a reputation as an outstanding employee.

When it came time to start work on the College’s Compliance narrative, Shanice volunteered her expertise without hesitation. Shanice was an indispensable member of the reaffirmation team, serving from the summer of 2022 through to the spring of 2023. Joining meetings, learning Xitracs to enter evidence and connect it to the relevant standard, and the regular review of evidence to ensure it was appropriate. Her work was integral to the College’s ability to complete and submit a well-developed narrative on time.

In addition to compiling and verifying evidence for the College’s SACSCOC compliance certification, Shanice also delivered invaluable assistance in the months before that effort—working closely to identify academic programs, program requirements, and program changes for the institutional summary. The team relied on her knowledge of the catalog and curriculum—and her extraordinary attention to detail—to ensure that the summary was accurate.

Shanice’s colleagues eagerly share how much she contributes to the College team, going above and beyond her daily responsibilities. “Shanice is consistently responsive and helpful. Working with her is always pleasant and productive. She cheerfully undertakes any assignment and contributes to any team,” shares one colleague. Another adds, “As a team member, Shanice is always available and ready to assist others in all instructional areas of the College. She is goal-driven, highly efficient, cooperative, and strives for excellence. She is truly a pleasure to work with!”

May 2023 Team Member of the Month

The Team Member of the Month Award recognizes a non-instructional employee. Nominations are evaluated by the Employee Recognition Committee, which is comprised of IRSC staff members, faculty, and administrators. For more information, contact Committee Chair Sera Phillips at 772-462-7258.

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